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Addiction and Mental Health Amidst India’s Coronavirus Crisis

16Dec 2020

As we all are affected by the COVID-19 situation, mental health and addiction recovery have become the need of the hour, even in the lockdown. We all are facing a lot of situations due to which we need treatment. When all of the country is under lockdown, we started looking for how people can get all the treatments required.

The best thing is that detox clinics and rehab centers in Delhi fall under the category of ‘essential services’ and they can help the patients. But there are certain things you should look for when seeking mental health and addiction treatment in Delhi during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • How they operate – Before going to any rehab center, consider how they are operating. Some centers have closed new admissions until further notice. Some centers still allow new patients to register but only after proper COVID-19 tests, investigation on travel history, and even after getting a health certificate. Some detox centers require some more tests like Chest X-ray, CBC, PFC, etc.
  • Logistics – In most of the country, logistics is not a big deal. Some centers have ambulances and a few have their pickup vehicles. Few of the centers can issue certificates to patients who travel with their own vehicles.
  • Safety – It is always wise to ensure that the center is following all safety protocols to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. A lot of centers are taking strict measures to control the risk.
  • Availability of staff – Staff who are coming to the centers operate with limited support. Some employees might be scared to work at the centre and some cannot commute due to lockdown. But some residential centers have their staff available for the patients even in this lockdown.
  • Current patients – For a lot of patients, their stay is being extended due to lockdown. A lot of treatment centers are sensitive and conscious of the health of their patients. Hence, they have deployed procedures and checks to avoid infection spreading to their patients and staff.
  • Online accessibility – Most centers are offering online counseling to patients with anxiety and stress. But it is not possible to treat patients with addiction online. Since lockdown restrictions are relieved with unlocking guidelines, it may really help those patients to physically present at the center.  Technically, a lot of centers fall under essential services to operate.

Moving Ahead

If you have decided to seek treatment for your addiction, you are on the road to recovery. Best Rehabs Centre offers personalized treatment that is tailored to your needs and condition. We have been helping patients through all possible means. We provide holistic care and counseling to all the patients who need treatment.


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