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Consequences of Alcohol Addiction on Married Life – How to De Addict?

11Aug 2020

Getting married is a lifelong commitment, to be honest with each other. But if one partner is addicted to alcohol, chances are that sober partner may be unable or unwilling to manage. If an addicted partner doesn’t want to recover or even get treatment, marriage can’t get any worse. Alcohol addiction, if not treated, can definitely lead to divorce.

According to Dr. Niharika Singh, an addiction psychiatrist in Best Rehab, addiction, and daily bad habits have a very thin line in between. Lack of control over bad habits can easily make the person end up with addiction.

So, it is clear that addiction can easily build barriers, break trust, and spoil any healthy relationship. If you have been through any type of addiction, you will surely relate to this statement. Here’s how a healthy relationship ends up with divorce due to alcohol addiction –

Trust Issues

Admit it – you can’t expect a healthy relationship if there is no trust between the couple. People who are addicted to alcohol won’t tell the truth about their lives. They won’t tell you about their whereabouts and where they are going. Once you realize that your partner is lying, you will definitely be shocked. If a person lies, he or she won’t stop doing that. They will just cover up one lie with another. Lies are enough to destroy any relationship.

An addict spouse reaches alcohol every time, whatever it takes

 The whole life of an addict revolves around getting high. This is the reason why they always run away from their responsibilities. They ignore their partner. They start ignoring other important parts of their life and become irresponsible. They never know when they become a huge pain to their spouse.

Financial Trouble

It is yet another main reason for divorce. Financial stress doesn’t let a person enjoy the rest of their life. Addiction costs a lot of money. Many people lose their whole lives’ savings for drugs or alcohol. People can’t even pay their bills as their partner is spending a whole lot of earnings on addiction.

Addiction affects closeness

A healthy marriage lasts when a couple remains physically and emotionally close to each other. Addiction makes it harder to maintain intimacy with a partner. Alcohol and other substances simply slow down your body and make it harder to keep physical intimacy. In fact, a person who is addicted seems less attractive to another partner. So, it wreaks havoc on both emotional and physical intimacy.

Dr. Niharika Singh has completed MD in Psychiatry followed by an MBBS degree. She completed her thesis on personality traits and psychological effects of Alcohol addiction and its early and late effects. She stays updated with modern developments in mental health. She helped many people to get away from their addiction to Best Rehab, one of the best addiction rehab centers in Delhi.


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