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Alcohol Abuse in Early Age – Signs, Prevention and Treatment

12Mar 2021

Parents can find some of the early symptoms in teens like making excuses, lying, not coming out of their room, breaking the rules, abusing others, and indulging in fights. In addition, you may feel the smell of alcohol from their body or breath, stealing, changes in friend circle, mood swings, and having items related to alcohol use. These are some of the signs of alcohol abuse in teens.


Parents should clearly tell the adverse effects of drug use and alcohol to avoid teenage drinking. Proper parent supervision is essential to avoid alcohol use at an early age. The most common timing for substance abuse is around 3 pm to 6 pm, i.e., just after school and before parents arrive at home.

So, it is best to keep teens busy in extracurricular activities and studies to avoid alcohol use. Parents should also teach their children about stress-management and coping strategies.


Group counseling can help very much in reducing alcohol abuse at an early age. Family interventions are found to be effective, such as group therapy, MDFT or multidimensional family therapy, and MFE (Multifamily Educational Intervention).  These therapies are found to be useful for long-term recovery. These therapies address academic issues, peer relationships, and family problems that occur more frequently to treat alcoholism.

Some individual therapies may also work for teen alcoholism. Relapse prevention techniques can help amend and diagnose those habits. Individual drug counseling focuses entirely on short-term goals to prevent or cut down alcohol abuse simultaneously.

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If you are looking for the best alcohol rehab centre in India, Best Rehabs can be a great way to start. Healthcare providers at rehab centre in Delhi use cognitive-behavioral therapies to help teens know their triggers and address their problems.  They also encourage the teens to recover and do something productive in life.


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