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Exercises and Addiction – Some Best Exercises to Deal with Drug Addiction

2Jul 2020

Drug addiction is very common in the youth of India. There is at least one drug addict in over 50% of households in Punjab alone. More than 70% of the country's youth is addicted to drugs. Youths are four times more vulnerable to drug addiction than grown-up adults. The younger you start something (whether positive or negative), the more likely you will be influenced.

It may be because the brain of young people is still growing and the choices they make will set a foundation for choices for the rest of their lives. So, it is very vital for their parents to do everything they can to keep them from addiction before things go out of their hands.

Exercise and Addiction

Alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances simply reinforce dopamine in the brain. In the end, they trigger the reward center in their brain. The more a person takes substances, the more familiar their brain becomes to this particular source to release dopamine. So, it becomes even harder to quit. So, it becomes vital to retrain your brain so that reward can be taken from other situations and activities.

Exercise precisely provides that kind of support to your brain. Even a moderate level of exercise releases enough endorphins in the brain that can easily supplement lower levels of dopamine. It ultimately retrains your brain that drugs, alcohol, and other substances are no longer the only options to find relaxation. Hence, it helps in making the way for recovery.

So, the problem lies in the lack of exercise?

Sadly, the young population of India is highly affected by a sedentary lifestyle, according to a report published in New Indian Express. If you or your loved one is addicted to any substance, there are high chances that lack of activity is the reason. This vicious cycle is never-ending until you put exercise in your routine. How to help someone who has never been active yet?

Here’s the Solution

If you or your loved one is addicted, the key here is to get out of this daily environment and vicious cycle and look for a new way of living and don’t come back until you get away from those triggers.

You can choose from a lot of residential rehab centers in Delhi. is the #1 source to find the best alcohol and drug de-addiction rehab centers in India. These are developed facilities that promote physical activities and various alternative treatments to help in recovery.


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