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Drug Abuse causes distress in families During COVID-19 Lockdown

24Jul 2020

COVID-19 pandemic has come up with some terrible effects which may be causing huge anxiety and stress on people. Along with the fear of virus catching loved ones, many people are surviving with isolation from loved ones, job insecurity, isolating kids from their schools and their friends, and social distancing.

There are high chances that people may turn to drugs, smoking, and alcohol in order to cope with their stress in their tough times. It’s time for parents to be aware of their own or their children’s substance use to cope with their stress and discomfort.

Depending on substances to cope with stress has its own terrifying consequences on the overall emotional, mental, and physical health of the person, especially when there is a high risk of infection by COVID-19.

Effects of Street Drugs

Street drugs usually contain additives like fentanyl which pose a lot of harmful effects, as you know. But you should also keep in mind that those opioids slow down our breathing, which is deadly in the wake of COVID-19. If you observe that your child is using any drug constantly, you should talk to them to reduce the risk of overdose and continue their treatment.

Effects of Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs like ADHD drugs, antidepressants, and pain relievers are very common in households these days. Around half of the homes don’t keep medications at a safe place. It is always recommended to keep prescription drugs out of children’s reach. It is important for parents to tell the risks of using prescription drugs for no reason. Talk to your children about the effects of using substances. Collect all the prescription medications at home that are no longer useful and keep them at a safe place.

Effects of Smoking

Younger people seem to be more immune to COVID-19 as compared to older ones. But using substances like cigarettes can cause serious risk to your health as it could weaken the regular defenses of lungs and affect heart health. As a result, it could increase the risk of having a severe infection from Coronavirus. Young people who depend on smoking are more vulnerable to complications like acute respiratory disease and pneumonia due to which they can be hospitalized or end up in ICU.

The Takeaway

It’s high time for families to connect with their loved ones and reach them out to ease the distress during these tough times. Along with the physical impact of Coronavirus on our friends and families, it can also cause harm to overall mental health. Our future depends on the choices we make today for our children and ourselves. If you or someone in your family is addicted during COVID-19, don’t wait and consult with the best drug rehab center in Delhi.

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