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Effects of a Parent’s Alcoholism on a Child

4Mar 2021

People with alcohol abuse usually don’t know how their drinking affects the lives of their families. Their near and dear ones are mostly the worst hit by their alcoholism, such as their spouse and children.

Children mostly suffer due to parental influence and negligence. For example, a parent’s changes in schedules or mood swings are more noticeable to a child than other family members. Hence, growing up with an alcoholic parent severely influences a child’s behavior later in life. It is vital to seek treatment to mitigate those risks.

How Parental Alcoholism affects Children emotionally and mentally?

Children with an alcoholic parent are more likely to be alcoholic in adulthood. Here are some other emotional and mental effects of a parent’s alcoholism - 

Negligence – Alcoholic parents are used to getting away from their responsibilities, like taking part in parent-teacher meetings, and school plays just because of their drinking. They also don’t provide love and attention to their kids. All such factors are combined to cause a parent’s neglect.

Depression – Parent’s alcoholism often leads to depression and other mental health conditions for their children. Instability from their parents and neglect are some of the contributing factors.

Growing up with alcoholism – When a parent remains drunk behind the child and alcohol is readily available at home, a child also starts making alcohol a part of their life. Hence, it is effortless for them to indulge in unhealthy drinking later on. As a result, they grow up with alcoholism.

Loneliness – Being an alcoholic parent’s child also leads to isolation. Children usually feel alone as they don’t find anyone to discuss their parent’s habits. Sometimes, their parents also embarrass them. They tend to withdraw from relatives and friends. It causes isolation and other serious mental health issues like suicidal tendencies and anxiety.

Trust issues – If a parent is alcoholic, their children may also develop trust issues. The alcoholic parent is used to break trust and promises. If a child can’t trust their parents, how come he or she can trust anyone else?

Feeling of doubt – Living with an alcoholic parent also causes doubt as parents act in unusual ways and sometimes get unpredictable. They also have mood swings all the time. This way, children end up feeling unsure and unstable of everything at home.

Effects of Growing up with Alcoholic Parents in Adulthood

A person’s adulthood is highly affected by their childhood. If a child grows up in a routine and loving environment, they become a confident and secure adult in the future. But if they grow up with instability and other negative feelings because of their parents' alcoholism, their future may not be that good. Here are some of the effects of growing up in an alcoholic household –

Problematic relationships – Children of alcoholic parents usually have toxic relationships when they grow up. It is often because of their alcoholic parent's unpredictable behavior and lack of their parent’s affection and parenting in their childhood. Hence, those children grow up with trust issues and isolation. They usually don’t know how to get close to other people. Since they have had bad experiences in the past, they may stay away from relationships.

Fear of being left alone – When a parent is alcoholic and physically or emotionally unavailable, a child grows up with the fear of being abandoned or cheated in their relationships. It makes them indulge in toxic or unhealthy behaviors to avoid being abandoned.

The extreme level of self-judgment – Alcoholic parent’s children often grow up with self-doubts. They don’t feel that they are good enough for anything. Those behaviors stick with their mind, and they have low self-esteem in the future.

Attention Seeking Habits – Alcoholic parent’s children often grow up as attention seekers. To please people, they often go to extreme heights. When they face criticism or rejection, they react roughly.

Increased risk of drug or alcohol abuse in adulthood is one of the most common causes of parent’s alcoholism. At a young age, they find drinking alcohol normal at their home. Hence, they start using a substance as a way to cope with hardships in life. They are around four times more vulnerable to alcohol or substance use disorders than other people.

Looking for the Best Treatment

If you or your parent is dealing with a substance use disorder, you should look for the best treatment at a rehabilitation centre in Delhi. It is imperative to make a decision before it’s too late. Delhi has so many rehab centers where you can find holistic and permanent solutions for your addiction. Looking for the best rehab centre in India has never been so easy.


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