Food De Addiction

Visit Best Rehabs to get rid of unhealthy food cravings like drug and alcohol addiction. Food addiction is also a mental illness which affects control on eating some foods as the body depends a lot on them. After consuming very tasty yet unhealthy foods that have excess fat, sugar, salt, flour, etc, the brain usually develops cravings.

Over time, people are unable to stop their habits. It takes a unique approach to treatment. All the obese and overweight people are not addicted to a certain food. But chemical dependency is the major cause of obesity. Food addiction is very difficult to treat and is very complex. It needs special care to be treated successfully.

Food Addiction Solution

It’s time to seek professional help like a healthcare practitioner or support group for guidance. List all the unhealthy foods which contain flour, sugar, starch, grain, trans fat, and salt and avoid them in your work and home. Plan and note down your meal times and diet. Track your circumstances and feelings which trigger problematic food in your journal.

List some healthier ways to soothe yourself like talking to your friend, walking a bicycle, mindfulness, massage, and deep breathing. Eat your meals at regular intervals.

Food Addiction Symptoms

Craving for specific and/or more foods that have sugar, salt, fat, starch, flour, or grain.
Eating alone or secretly
Feeling that you just can’t live without your favorite cookies or any other foods.
Despite adverse mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual outcomes, you end up with consistent under/overeating.
Physical or emotional withdrawal symptoms when you purposely reduce or stop eating some types of food.
Compulsive eating episodes which call for more frequent and increased amounts of food to get normal.

If you are not a food addiction, eating your favorite food in moderation might be a solution. But if you are a food addict, you should seek professional help from a counselor who understands what food addiction is and who has the right treatment.