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COVID-19 Lockdown – Side Effects of Working from Home on Mental Health and Solutions

17Jun 2020

It’s been around 3 months since the Lockdown 1 was announced to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A lot of employees ended up working from home due to which they are experiencing a lot of side effects like restlessness, insomnia, stress, backaches, and anxiety. These harmful effects are taking a toll on their mental health and social life as well. 

A lot of companies and businesses have shut down their operations since March 25, when a nationwide lockdown was announced for the first time. Initially, the lockdown was announced for 21 days and then continued till May 3. With the rise in Coronavirus cases, we have faced several lockdowns again and again.

Most of the corporate and IT employees have been spending around 8 to 10 hours with their laptops and/or phone for working from home. After their work, they are used to cooking, having meals and sleeping. When everything is going online, there is no social life. They even complained that the “work from home” trend has blurred the line between their personal and work life. Most employees stay alone and they have to do all the office staff along with their daily chores like cleaning up and cooking. Due to all these reasons, the trouble to fall asleep and constantly face headaches.

The Solution 

Over 95% of employees of IT companies have been working from home in this day and age. So, health experts recommend physical activities and meditation at home to keep their bodies and minds on track. It is even better if you follow your hobbies to de-stress yourself.

Many health experts have shared distressing reports related to ill effects of Coronavirus lockdown on the mental health of people. According to the President of the Indian Institute of Health Management Research University, Jaipur, you can indulge in spiritual activities, meditate early in the morning, and read books to let positive vibes flowing around your home.

Walk down the terrace and clean up your house to stay mentally active. Also, avoid news channels that spread nothing but unnecessary chaos and anxiety. It goes without saying that staying at home is both rewarding and boring and limiting.

To make it fun and relaxing, you can listen to your favorite music, read books, do basic workouts, or simply catch up with your favorite Netflix shows in your empty time. These things can keep you away from toxic emotions.

If you are having any mental health issues or addiction because of existing lockdown and self-isolation, please refer to to find the best rehab centers in India.


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