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Alcohol De Addiction


Alcohol De Addiction

Alcohol addiction is such a big problem for individuals and his/her family. There is no specific duration for alcohol de-addiction as it varies on a case to case basis. A lot of patients are recommended with 30-day programs. But some cases need longer treatment like 60 to 90 days or even longer for residential treatment. It is required to maintain a steady recovery. 

The severity and patient’s history of addiction, any specific substance, co-occurring behavioral, mental or medical conditions, spiritual, cultural, social, emotional, mental, and physical needs of patients, and any previous treatments are considered to figure out the approx length of treatment. 

According to the research, most people have to undergo 3 months of treatment in case of substance abuse to stop and reduce their dependence and it takes even longer for the best results. They can focus on behaviors and root causes behind addiction and take more time to promote sober living with long-term programs. 

CURE Alcohol Addiction 

You may not have an outright cure in case of chronic conditions but you can manage addiction at least. No matter what the duration of treatment is, the alcohol addiction recovery doesn’t finish until finishing a program in an alcohol rehab centre in Delhi. Recovery is a lifelong and ongoing process for a lot of patients. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to manage an addiction as a person can learn to go through daily life without depending on alcohol. 

What if a Relapse Happens?

Don’t consider relapse as a failure of all your efforts to treat addiction. Instead, it’s a hurdle in your lifelong journey. You need to reassess your journey and get back to the program where you can get the help and support required. A lot of people dealing with addiction may go through several courses of treatment to get back on track. In the end, you are the one who can deal with addiction over the long run. Rehab can help you maintain sobriety. 

Is Rehab Covered in Insurance?

Rehab in India is often covered in insurance. But you should check the coverage on your end. Your insurance may cover just a part of your stay. Check your plan before you enroll in drug rehab. If the cost of rehab treatment in Delhi or your city is not covered, you can ask for other payment options with your preferred facility.