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Women Alcoholism – Consequences and impact of Alcohol Abuse on Women’s Health

21Aug 2020

Alcohol poses different types of health risks in women and it worsens the problem because alcohol poses a stronger impact on women than men. It is because there is a difference in body chemistry among men and women. Hence, the same amount of drink has a huge impact on women. For example, women are more likely to be intoxicated than men with binge drinking (i.e. taking more than 4 drinks in 2 hours). Women suffer more intoxication even by taking less alcohol at the same time as compared to men. There are also chances that women may get more alcohol in the blood as compared to men if both are given the same quantity of drink.

Women addiction issues and consequences

According to some studies, alcohol abuse in the long term can cause a lot of health complications related to alcohol, such as liver damage, breast cancer, and high blood pressure. These problems are most common in women who engage in binge or heavy drinking or other risky behaviors.

Female students are the worst hit by college drinking. Pressures to fit in the party and college life stress are the main reasons. They get used to self-medicating to deal with traumatic events in their lives which leads them to alcohol abuse.

When women reach their professional lives (from 25 to 35 years old), they get more inclined to alcohol abuse. Some of the common reasons are moving from college life to the real “messed up” world, peer pressures in career, high ambitions, work stress, other worries.

Impact on life due to alcohol

In India, being an alcoholic is considered taboo, especially for women. Due to this reason, women are afraid that society won’t accept them if they go to rehab. There are many professional rehab centers in Delhi like Best Rehab which offer complete anonymity but there are other reasons that hold them back. There are many young women who don’t want to leave their small children or sisters behind for several months. Due to these reasons, only a few women manage to get rehab as compared to men.

These days, young girls and women are becoming more aware and getting alcohol addiction treatment in Delhi without any hesitation. Due to the current lockdown situation, many alcohol rehab centers in India like Best Rehab are taking online sessions so people can attend at the comfort of their home with their own privacy.

According to an addiction psychiatric consultant at Best Rehab, Dr. Niharika Singh (MD, MBBS), early exposure to alcohol at a tender age causes addiction in later stages. She added that women are more vulnerable to alcohol abuse than men. There has been a steep rise in alcohol consumption in India, i.e. 38 percent from 2010 to 2017, according to the study of WHO. Dr. Niharika further says that the progression of dependency from first use is likely to be faster in women by consuming similar amounts of alcohol in similar frequency as men.


  • How much is too much for women?

    According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse, if a woman takes only 1 drink per day, it is considered as moderate drinking. If a woman consumes up to 4 drinks in a day, it is called binge drinking. If a woman has been drinking more over the past month, she has been into heavy drinking.

  • Why don't women go for rehabilitation?

    Lack of family support and access to counseling are common reasons. Young women are less likely to go to rehab because of privacy concerns.

  • Is Best Rehab a safe rehab facility for women?

    Best Rehab, we have several lady professionals to comfort our women clients considering their specific conditions and needs. Of course, you can say Best Rehab is a completely safe and supportive facility to treat alcohol addiction. Best Rehab is well regarded to provide top quality addiction rehab treatment to women while empowering them to achieve self-confidence with life-long recovery.

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